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Production - Screen-printing

We are among the most modern screen-printing companies in Denmark. We perform screen-printing with a tolerance down to + / - 0.1 mm.

Among other things, our modern machinery includes:

  • fully automatic printing and drying line processing more than 2000 prints per hour in sizes up to 520 x 720 mm
  • flat-bed screen-printing presses in sizes up to 700 x 1000 mm
  • fully automated roll-to-roll label production.

We master all the necessary printing techniques:

  • traditional printing inks
  • UV varnishes for windows
  • UV texture varnishes for matt surfaces
  • electrically conductive inks.

We are always working with the most environmentally friendly inks on the market.

Our inks are tinted by Pantone, RAL, NCS - or according to your sample.

We will be happy to send a color sample for approval before production.

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