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Production - Digital print

One of our more recent options are digitally produced overlays.

Digital production reduces delivery time and allows delivery of finished overlays within typically 72 hours - and in urgent cases within 24 hours - ideal for protoseries or smaller production series.

We use a unique UV-hardening printing technique, where in addition to CMYK, we are also able to print white on the front or back of the material. The quality of these overlays is at the same level as with usual screen printing - but with the ability to get brand new graphic effects such as color sequences, photos, individual texts, continuous numbers etc.

Digitally produced overlays are available in the same materials and with the same types of adhesive as our other overlays - and can be delivered laser-cut, with embossings and with UV-varnish or full-color finish.

Our digitally produced overlays are available in sizes up to 420 x 600 mm.

Digital production provides some brand new and unique options that can be combined with 3D photo visualization, to let you have a very professional and useful presentation material for customers, management and project groups.

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